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tv   [untitled]    March 21, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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long. the u.s. led coalition against colonel gadhafi forces grows kamel in libya with more air strikes and cruise missiles voices against the intervention also getting louder. head of the arab media rails against. states against its targets. for. russia condemns the indiscriminate use of force in libya or over sixty people have reportedly been killed by coalition bombs stay with r.t. for the developing reaction in moscow. washington maintains its intervention will
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be limited even though it's behind most of the pain the drops on the basis of this product and permits into consequences for civilians as it did in iraq and afghanistan. also the japanese imports get with global cold shoulder. radiation leak meanwhile the number of dead from the great disaster rises to more than eight thousand. this is our team with the very latest world news well straight to libya now the u.s. britain and france are pressing ahead with their campaign of air attacks on the bit where it's the sixty four people have been killed during the strikes maybe in military chiefs ordered a cease fire on sunday evening across to tripoli where there's been shelling
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through the night despite you know some parties want to force paula the last time you spoke to us there was an aircraft how events unfolded over night. well that's right last time we spoke was just before midnight local time and at that time the sky was actually being washed up with this anti aircraft fire we lost the hours however have been quiet and we are now hearing from coalition forces that they didn't launch a strike at the compound of moammar gadhafi destroying one of the audience from where he controls and commands the libyan forces and you know going south and understand was not actually in the compound at the time it's not actually. since the international zone so again on saturday he actually has not been seen all the addresses in the state media have not shown his face that rather have shown a symbolic fine and gesture of. this and launched by the coalition powers on his compound is also very symbolic and so does the rottenness in international community is not shying away from stepping up pressure and calling on him to stop
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killing civilians we're also hearing from the british ministry of defense saying that planes did fly over tripoli but they said that they did not strike anything because they got word that there were civilians on the ground and hence they did not want to launch any of their own strikes. the arab league which gave the go ahead for the campaign although it's not condemning the report of the civilian killings only seeing international opposition growing against its intervention. we are seeing our international consumption go against the intervention some of the opposition was there to begin with but some of it certainly now is intensifying as records come through of one hundred civilians who are being caught in the fire and the arab league consensually gave its rovs and it's an important support for the international community because europe and united states are not going to make it seem as if it was solely their own intervention they wanted to have an arab voice and they are going along the growing criticism from the beginning of the arab league he has said that the arab league did not sign up kill civilians that were
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there they understood the whole purpose of the no fly zone was to protect civilians these are completely innocent lives that are being heard an international community from the arab league and some people saying what what exactly can be understand what a no fly zone was going to be and at this stage and if something is lost in translation of this confusion if it's even hypocrisy on the side of the arab league which increasingly it seems as if arab countries are to support in military strikes the are hearing that countries like the united arab emirates qatar possibly jordan will be lending financial support essentially sort of a book but they will not actually be participating in the strikes in cells and this does raise questions such as while actually participating is a genuine support for the libyan people is rather some kind of a vendetta against gadhafi or is that even a way to further entrench the united states in what is happening in this part of the world in the need to remember that understands the arab street he has incredible support there and he is actually able to read what people are thinking
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and he is continuously presenting himself as a victim of countries an international community that by and large once the oil is argument the question being asked right now one of the many questions is why for example in one thousand nine hundred eight one thousand nine hundred two thousand and eight two thousand and nine when the israelis launched a garden at the gaza why was there no no fly zone imposed i mean my only now is the international community reacting or also you know growing criticism from countries such as russia or china. going to result in demonstrations on the streets so it seems a bit more but that's a no fly zone and some thoughts on civilians a quarter will likely see wharton's international reaction now the libyan military has announced a cease fire what are you hearing from libyans themselves about that but i'm and i'm not sure people don't really carry so much weight when the libyan government announced a cease fire you need to remember going to announce one shortly after those airstrikes and that seem to carry no kind of weight so he rebels and sorts of innocent fun and they go as fast as say that gadhafi is actually just lying when he
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makes an announcement of a ceasefire but here in tripoli itself officials constantly put forward the same argument they say that they're trying to enforce a cease fire but it is the rebels who keep breaking it they say that the international community does not understand the facts on the ground and they keep calling for international fact finding missions here to come and in a word establish the facts now the latest we're hearing from the rebel leaders that many as eight thousand of the people have been killed and it's not a first kind of figures we're getting in terms of how many people have been caught touch in this conflict i can tell you that a lot of the fighting in the last few days was concentrated in rebel stronghold of benghazi we have been hearing reports there that treats have been withdrawing so has to some extent the no fly zone has had has had an affair and it's and it's had no effect in the city of misrata some two hundred kilometers to the east of tripoli where the reports of people being killed and and shootings and house to house searches continue ok poor people today artie's pulis there in tripoli thank you.
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well experts are already drawing parallels between the be an air strike and other u.s. led operations in the balkans iraq and afghanistan the fear is that once and watched as a humanitarian campaign ends up with a severe loss of innocent lives welcomes experts. such missions usually serve national rather than civilian interests. they only justify themselves in terms of their ability to achieve the aims of the intervenors which are always designs of position themselves into occupation positions in strategically vital areas of the world so in terms of how they benefit the local population the answer is not at all in fact they're always very negative in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine still a fake state of desperate poverty and desperate crime in entire area iraq we know another nightmare we should remember that the resolution calls for dialogue i it requires two sides both to be around in order to engage in that dialogue so it
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shouldn't be about getting rid of colonel gadhafi we needed dialogue we need a ceasefire we've got bombs instead the bones are not necessary for the peace what we need is a ceasefire for the peace and that really should be the aim of the mission so the extent that it is not there with additional the mission has now become compromised i should be stopped as soon as possible well moscow is condemning the international coalition air strikes in libya and once western troops to stop what it calls the indiscriminate use of force that's from. outside for the force now we're hearing of heavy destruction reported civilian deaths in libya tell us russia is responding to the situation that. russia has called the civilian jets in the b. and that of course resulted in the poor have results of the call the shots bombings in and around the city of the guy of course inacceptable russia as frequently
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voiced its concern when of course this so called the intervention by the coalition forces was still a possibility russia voiced its concerns about the potential loss of civilian life that would ensure following such an intervention now that that is a reality and civilian deaths are reported by the rate at least sixty people. will have already been killed as a result of the coalition bombs deployed around the city of the gaza of course russia has of reiterated its grave concerns over the situation calling this an acceptable calling for an immediate cease fire and say that this is perhaps the overstepping of the boundaries that are set out by the u.n. resolution and teens to re of course russia has frequently voiced its concerns over this matter supported by many of its allies in europe and around the world and of
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course allies from the region itself the many countries in north africa have fought opposed to the coalition intervention claiming the force the civilian deaths as an unacceptable result of that intervention now that that is a reality very many are expressing their grave concerns including of course moscow . russia's foreign minister is in the north africa right now all we like to hear more calls o'connell. we are indeed we know that secular growth is meeting with not only a gyptian representatives but also the secretary general of the arab league the question of libya is definitely going to be on the agenda as it gave up the offer meets with his egyptian counterparts and representatives from the arab league of course both egypt and the arab league of the frequently said that they were not
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happy with the potential loss of civilian life should the coalition intervention actually take place they are now even more vietnamese that is stating that the matter in the conflict that is currently ongoing in libya is a domestic matter and that the coalition forces would only bring more destruction and destabilization not only of course to libya but to the. entire region as a whole in north africa could potentially be. unsettled even further by the current intervention undertaken by the coalition forces sigil of both is of course expected to discuss not only the consequences of the ongoing intervention but also the potential consequences for the region as a whole will be keeping you updated when those meetings take place for our country as are both thank you for now. well us in the forefront of the strikes on libya deploying some of its heaviest firepower against gadhafi regime that despite
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washington insisting for days that the u.s. with munich there supporting roe is going to karen says there's more to come. the pentagon says they do not rule out more strikes quote if and when the need arises if you want american television you can't impression that america's involvement is a really good thing and that there was no other option but intervention but if you look at the polls the majority of americans of polls the u.s. involvement in the intervention box news gives sixty five percent they're already unhappy that their government is spending tax dollars on inconclusive wars in iraq and afghanistan and adding one more hot spot is the last thing they want just this saturday the u.s. shot seventy five million dollars worth of missiles and about the security fences officials though have promised that it's going to be a fast for obama said that there will be no u.s. troops on the ground but as of now we know that the u.s.
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contribution in the strikes substantially outweighs all of the coalition forces combined so it's really a hard task to create the appearance of not being believing force also the fact that president obama did not interrupt his troops america is also kind of an indication that he doesn't want to be seen as the man in chief all this pain so it was a very calculated decision you could say speaking of the goals of the intervention in libya as we know is to protect civilians that is the justification but critics say we have to be careful with the official reason in the campaigns and really question more the u.s. for example as a prank record of starting military campaigns on false grounds eight years after the beginning of the war in iraq we're getting more evidence of lies told by u.s. officials to justify their invasion of the country take a look at this report. air strikes in libya a humanitarian act to protect civilians from a dangerous dictator that's the reason given by the u.s. and its allies for their latest military for e.
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but when it comes to justifying its wars america has become the nation that cried wolf especially now when one of the key sources use the head of the two thousand and three iraq invasion has admitted he lied to us i just wanted to do something for my country so i'm such a story that is not a teacher there anymore if i asked i would do the same thing again i have no regrets rafique i don't want all geneva aka curveball was seeking asylum in germany back in two thousand he told german intelligence that saddam hussein had biological weapons mounted on trucks they didn't believe him and when u.s. intelligence requested his testimony before attacking iraq germany told them he was unreliable but that didn't stop top u.s. officials building their case using him and no intelligence of their own we're giving you our faction conclusions based on solid intelligence one of the so-called solid sources was an al qaida suspect who lied under torture to cia allies in egypt
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about said am's ties with terrorists the other was curveball even now despite all the evidence of lies and deception key players in the bush administration are still in denial about their role in the events saying they were not sufficiently informed i don't know if there would have been a different level if the n.s.a. met for you they tell you anything. new or bad no i don't know were you not on the e-mail list if not in their memoirs both collin powell the secretary of state back then and donald rumsfeld the defense secretary effectively dock responsibility and point the blame thing or at others mainly the cia specifically george tenet head of the sea. at the time he said it was there and it wasn't and they believed him because they wanted to invade iraq and colin powell was digging for information at
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cia headquarters in langley of course they were digging for it and it was it wasn't clear he was trying to come up with something because he couldn't find it even after this latest revelation about curveballs lies and many western media outlets put the following spin on the story u.s. officials they're not lie they were duped but it really reveals here is actually contrary to the headline that we saw from the guardian which was that the americans were duped somehow by your story and that really isn't a very accurate telling of what happened in that really the cia wanted to do if you want to use that word at all but really they were looking for an excuse they found one the man who presented the case for war before the u.n. security council now says he was misled not that he too was part of an orchestrated plan to build a case for war no matter the evidence i believe a lot of people followed orders. very likely
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knowing that what they were doing was wrong. they wanted to be in. they like the power of washington the big job the salary after eight years of embarrassing revelations still no u.s. official has admitted lying most of those who took part in building the case with iraq war out of my eyes are now off the hook touring the country with their memoirs and saying they were duped and many asked whether their exoneration and this might probably except for the future bad last. summer. restrict our reporting from washington. what's going to give elements in japan where it's now thought eighteen thousand people have perished in the earth quake and tsunami disaster many more are still missing on the world bank predicts it will take five years which are present in a cover from the devastation that the forest. in the north workers are trying to
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get power back to the two remaining reactors it's urgently needed to get the cooling systems back online to avoid and. radiation levels have risen interim cabinet officials claim they're not harmful radioactive contamination has also been found in some food products those worries over here from spread far beyond the shores and was not seen as orders to explain simpson leading people to think twice before going to happen these concerns. as japan works overtime to avert a nuclear meltdown is another crisis in the making and maybe maybe think twice second thoughts born of paranoia that radioactive remnants may reach far beyond japan's borders how worried about receiving maybe the seafood is rated radiation pattern of water out what am i want everywhere wary of that. it's the fear of japanese imports going all the way to the top u.s. regulators have said they will increase screenings of food coming in from the
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embattled asian nation the european union has warned men. bers to do the same and italy was the first e.u. nation to ban food imports from japan altogether in the wake of the nuclear scare it's fueling suspicion that besides the quake the tsunami and the nuclear crisis japan will soon have to deal with another problem becoming a trade pariah. for reasons that may not be entirely radioactive countries all over the world in tough economic times and the star are looking for ways to subsidize their own producers their workers and so incidents like the one unfolding in japan gives them quite a good reason to do something that they may have been looking to do anyway this is bad for trade made worse for the country itself if made in japan comes to mean made a new nuclear wasteland to consumers in countries like the u.s. we're here in times square and i wanted to come down here because it is where the
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rubber meets the road as far as advertising in this country and you can really see the brands to play a major role in the united states i wanted to see how many of them are japanese now take all of this center opposed to advertising from top to bottom you can see sony c.d.k. toshiba all japanese corporations playing a major role in the us i noticed even our camera and my my clip from my microphone are making factory by sony and with the nuclear disaster there is no telling what the oil will be on but the manufacturing of companies like this but also their brand presence in countries like the u.s. and the status of the made in japan label that would be concerned about like televisions components that might carry the radio active materials. and japan's economy will feel it for a long time to if trade suffers a major blow this is dragged down an already near zero growth rate and if it does that it's going to have bigger effects internal to japan and globally we don't know
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exactly what those are but they're potentially quite significant signal. because in a global economy which made in japan matters for everyone many of the world's cell phones laptops in cars rely on a park see computer chips or auto parts from the country stoppages in manufacturing and trade consent shock waves through the system likely farther reaching in the radiation itself lauren mr r.t. new york. people in the far east of russia are on high alert risks of radiation exposure as efforts continue across the sea and you can melt down at. what is in place official say there's no threat to recalls because of the trouble is in the region. russia has stepped up radiation what is soaring and other precautions at its core regions which are just several hundred kilometers across the sea from japan it's to reassure anxious residents here that be bookish human disaster poses
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no risk to them at least not for now now russia's atomic energy agency says that even in the worst case scenario if all fuel and all units are once into meltdown sending radiation into the atmosphere that there is snow throughout the local residents residents and russians for even so reasonable precautions are being taken local officials are stockpiling relief efforts including respirator masks and other protective equipment also. monitoring stations have been deployed in and iraq the city to make sure to keep a constant chatter on radiation levels there's a boat out imagine says ministry of patrols waters icy waters all the coast of the city of lady about stock on a daily basis their priority at this time of the year is to see fisherman who are highly risk by stepping on thin ice but as a radiation level spikes around fukushima some additional jews have added to their
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daily lives that is cool. allston chad radiation levels all good so we watch how the readings. zero point zero seven micro sieverts per hour which is much lower than the average for this region which is my transport our. beautiful new phone to be through basic rains fall scientists say this will not be the case here there is new threats out there is nothing to worry about now that people in russia spar is star also reaching out to their neighbor says the level of tragedy the scale of tragedy in japan became clear they'd been offering what they can in the last week alone some fifty families volunteered to open their homes to refugees from japan and on a national level russia has been offering humanitarian aid and rescue workers it is also going to increase fuel supplies as an er just short of just rotten to compound
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the crisis in a country crippled by a tragedy. but you can work top stories one linked to autism twitter and facebook beats as events unfold in the japan our correspondents are covering the governments they happen to be updated to us what do you think you've been struck. by this was about searching for fourteen on the school. strike on some of this hour's other world news headlines. overwhelming majority of egyptians have voted for constitutional change it was only parliamentary elections the changes include limiting presidential terms on the criteria of government trying to sort of raise a referendum was the first free election to office entry opponent said the vote was rushed into the parties to overnight some cells. clashes have erupted between kurdish protesters and riot police through the rest of the southeastern turkey stems with officers who responded with water tear gas it came during the
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persian celebrations and the start of spring was used by the kurds to call for the release of a separatist leader. in the sense of of the people all the rest of the systems. levin's the president has set his entire cabinet on its amid a mounting political revolt in the wake of this crackdown on anti-government protestors last product or the snipers why the crowd killing at least forty people support continues to wait for the earlier with the guides being behind a lot of suppression. with the latest business. good to have you with us here on r t i matras of this is your business bulletin japanese yen has extended its losses after the biggest slide in six months against
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the dollar on friday and as far as the g. seven agreement has stepped into the money markets to try and control japan's volatile currency it's the first time in a decade that the world seven richest nations have jointly intervene in the currency markets the total interventions equal around thirty billion dollars yen is currently trading at nearly eighty one production and bank of japan injected an extra thirty seven billion dollars into the markets friday to shore up confidence and ensure liquidity i listen i expect further intervention to follow. the reason why we did see dollar being declining below eighty at exactly to do with reports ration related fears but again it is not there is a level of the yen which is the size of it is the size of the japanese risk premium that as long as there is risk free will remains elevated you may see for us a tension in the market my view is that. the japanese yen is going to suffer a significantly it is simply dollars the demographics of its inability to say fed
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to fund its. twenty three percent of g.d.p. over the deficit or debt level. oil prices are set to rise again after the u.s. led airstrikes against libya fueling concerns about disruptions to supply brain crude is currently trading at more than one hundred fifteen dollars per barrel is around one hundred three dollars per barrel. take a look at how the stock markets are performing asian shares are trading in the black on monday the hang seng added more than one percent banks and property developers are on the rise despite bank of china decision to drain more liquidity from the banking. siskind the nikkei is closed for a public holiday. and turning to the russian stock markets they finished friday's trading session in the black the r.t.s. games around one per cent while the my sex was half a percent higher oil related stocks were leading the upward trend on stronger
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commodity prices. the world's third largest miner rio tinto is eyeing a partnership with russia as a diamond producer to develop a large diamond deposit in the north of the country that suggestions reported in the financial times on monday the reserves are worth roughly twelve billion dollars has a twenty five percent share in the global diamond mining. so the business news for now will be back next hour with more and you can always find the latest business updates at r.t. dot com slash business. we'll
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. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've dumped the future of coverage. first cream removal cold a clear cut. second explosive charge and plastic a heat in the jurors. heard the remainder written by machinery.


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